Ujjayi Pranayama Basics & Practice

In this podcast we go in-depth with the basics of Ujjayi Pranayama, followed by a practice in the technique, which will help combat stress and calm your mind.

ujjayi-propsWe cover simple tips on how to get started, and how to improve and practice effectively, as well as detailed techniques to refine your breathing and understand the pranayama more clearly.

I prefer the three block prop setup, pictured here. But you can also use a bolster and a pillow or blanket. Or, use the two blocks (together under your upper back) and pillows under the head to replace the third block if you don’t have three.

If you do use the three blocks, place one blanket over the entire setup, then a second blanket folded to elevate your head. (See image below).

In either case, lie with your hips on the ground and your middle and upper back supported by the lift. Your head needs to be tilted slightly forward, so elevate it higher than the rest of your torso.

Practice on an empty stomach and when you don’t have anything scheduled immediately afterwards —that way you can really revel in it!



Here is the podcast, enjoy!