Online Classes

A virtual gathering is an important way to stay connected during this time of isolation or if you prefer to stay home. Below is everything you need to know about taking and paying for a virtual class with Paisley, your instructor.


How To Register For An Online Class

All online classes are offered on the Zoom video conference platform. If you’d like to join a live class, please set up your account there first.

All class times listed are in PST (California).

Find the class schedule by clicking on this image anywhere on this site.

A new window will open in your browser with the full calendar of classes. Find a class you’d like to attend and click on it to register. It looks like this:


Make sure to register with your email. Your email is how you get confirmation that you’ve reserved a spot, the login information for the Zoom meeting and a link to purchase classes. 

You can also purchase a class or series online by clicking on this image, wherever you see it on this site. 

Between 10-30 minutes before class you will receive an email with a link to join the Zoom meeting. Follow it and you will find us!

**Make sure to check your promotions and spam folders if you don’t find the email with this link**

You can cancel your reservation up to 12 hours in advance, after which your account will be charged for the class.

How To Register Two People For The Same Class

Practice with a friend!

You are more than welcome to attend an online class from the same device with another person; both attendees are required to pay for class, just like they would in an in-person studio environment.

*If COVID has caused financial hardship for you, please feel free to use one Zoom link for your whole household*

Paying Separately

If you want to pay separately, register each person for the class using their own emails (following the instructions above). Both people will receive the confirmation and login info. You can stream the class on the same device with just one of the login codes, then set up side by side when class starts.

Paying Together or Off The Same Punchcard

If one person owns a punch card and wants to pay for themselves and someone else, register twice for the same class under that person’s name. 

Both classes will be paid for off of the punchcard or account of the person who registers. Only the email entered when reserving the spots will receive the confirmation and login codes.


The Online Classroom & How To Set Up

Unlike a pre-recorded video, this is a live situation. Sometimes Paisley does a few poses with you, but often she is actually watching you through the feed so she can make sure you are following along and give help if needed. 

As we begin class, all participants will be both audible and visible (unless you’ve selected to turn either/both of those features off upon sign in). Feel free to arrive a little early to socialize, just like we would in person at a studio.

Once class begins, Paisley will switch the audio so students are muted but everyone can still hear her.

Setting Up the Camera:

  • if you have video of yourself on, set up with your computer or device facing the long side of your mat (as in image above)
  • on a smart phone or tablet, use landscape orientation (device is lying on its side)
  • if your whole body does not fit in the frame, choose your lower body and mat rather than your head

What Props to Bring:

  • suggested basics: block, yoga belt and blanket or throw pillow 
  • Stretch & Restore classes use more props: a bolster (king sized pillows, a couple blankets folded into a long rectangle or a couch seat cushion are good substitutes), a couple throw pillows, a blanket or beach towel, a yoga block