Yoga Books

Unlocking Arm Balances In Four Simple Steps

There is a sense of freedom and playful joy that comes with being both strong and balanced. Flying on your arms  requires both, and these poses are the perfect tools to practice this vibrant and empowered way of living. With a four part technique, author and yoga teacher Paisley Close, breaks down the strength, flexibility and technique that’s needed to get into and hold all arm balances. This e-book is loaded with large, full color photos, step-by-step instructions, in-book, embedded videos and suggested yoga sequences to reach a variety of different arm balances. Unlocking Arm Balances is the perfect book for yoga practitioners who are ready to understand the key components of these powerful and fun poses and take their practice to the next level.




Healthy Low Back: Yoga For Freedom & Mobility

If you’re stiff or in pain, it’s difficult to be happy; it makes you tired and decreases your overall sense of well-being. Healthy Low Back offers simple concepts to help you better understand your body, ease your pain and return you to a sense of freedom and joy. This book details potential causes of back pain and how to counteract them, basics of spinal anatomy and insights into the mind-body connection. Healthy Low Back contains full-sized, color photos, in-depth descriptions, modifications for varying abilities, interactive images and even suggested yoga sequences that put it all together for you. This book is appropriate for anyone who wants to take charge of their life and feel good in their body, even those who’ve never done yoga before.



Healthy Shoulders: A Primer For Stretching & Strengthening 

In this straight-forward, easy-to-follow guide, yoga teacher Paisley Anne Close illuminates the four key actions to healthy shoulder alignment. Each action receives its own chapter full of detailed instructions, full-sized, color photos and multiple tools to help you free up stuck stress in your neck and shoulders. Instructions include embedded videos and are laid out through the book in an ordered sequence that can be practiced as a single yoga class. With increased strength and mobility in your shoulders, expect to have more energy, better posture and improved self-confidence. This book is suitable for anyone who wants health and vitality, even those who are new to yoga.



Headstand: From Basics to Balancing

If I were stranded on a desert island and could only choose a handful of yoga poses, Headstand would be at the top of the list. It’s fun to practice and its health benefits abound: lower blood pressure, better circulation and rejuvenation are just a few. Whether you’re learning the fundamentals, looking to balance in the middle of the room or want to improve at teaching Shirshasana, this eBook will help.