When we share yoga, we collectively make the world a better place by being kinder, more content people, with better tools to cope with and celebrate life.

I believe the practice of yoga helps each of us minimize our physical and emotional suffering. It gives us a place to drop our old stories and become more of who we know ourselves to be.

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As a teacher, I love to create a safe and supportive environment where this can happen. Through slow, mindful movement and plenty of time for breath, we have the space to shrug off any hard, outer shell of tension that is keeping us from feeling free.

It’s not a “something’s wrong with you” kind of yoga. It’s the kind of practice that helps us see our own strength, believe in ourselves and rise up to live our best life.

It’s the kind of yoga that asks us to hold a handstand or do a dropback, not because it looks cool (though it does), but because it teaches us to show up for ourselves, to be resilient and become more alive.


Its the kind of yoga that allows us to relax in child’s pose or take a simpler variation of a posture, not because we are trying to escape, but because it is courageous to rest when we need it and empowering to say no and mean it.

This transformation, these practical life skills, these tools —this is why I teach yoga.