Hello, my name is Paisley. Welcome to our community!

While I am based in Tehachapi, CA, all current classes are online or as small groups by appointment.

No matter where in the world you are, you are welcome to join us live on Zoom, or through our Online Library and YouTube channel.

Click the “find a class!” box below to see the current Zoom schedule.

Please note: All live classes are listed in Pacific time.

I believe yoga and mindfulness help us feel better in body, clearer in mind, more connected to and accepting of our emotions and able to cope, grow and thrive no matter what life throws our way.

A supportive and safe environment is one of my highest goals in teaching; all ages, sizes, orientations and ability levels are welcome. It is a politics free zone too!

Classes with me are alignment based and offer a touch of anatomy, quiet peacefulness, a dash of humor, space to breathe, relevant information from the world of neuroscience and trauma recovery and the option to modify the practice to suit your personal needs. Movement is slow and thoughtful with plenty of time for stress relief.

For in-person classes, there is no music played, I will not fill every space with instruction or talking and the room is not heated.