noon-3 pm
Private and small group lessons available by appointment

4:45-5:45 pm
Scaled Composites, Mojave CA
This class is for employees of Scaled, and their friends and family (escort required)



8-8:55 am
T Fitness, Tehachapi CA
Gym membership required to attend

11 am-4 pm
Private and small group lessons available by appointment



9-9:55 am
Flex It Pink, Tehachapi CA
Ladies only —drop-in and membership options available



8-8:55 am
T Fitness, Tehachapi CA
Gym membership required to attend



8 am – noon
Private and small group lessons available by appointment





Balance & Recovery For The Mountain Athelete

Whether you’re climbing hills on your bike, wearing a backpack for a through hike or taking a run to an alpine lake, your legs and back will feel it! In this active recovery class we’ll restore balance to tight, overworked muscles to increase vitality, minimize injury and help you keep on crushing it in the mountains. Expect a slower paced class with some emphasis on alignment and breath that will work for both pre and post workout.

Sunday 16th, 10:30-12:30
The Yoga Lab
Mammoth Lakes, CA


Yoga For Military (& Friends/Family)

This event is free for all branches of military, active duty and retired. Friends, family and general public are welcome to attend for $20. Class will focus on using yoga’s mind, body and breath practices as resources to cope with trauma, tension and triggers as well as to calm the nervous system and bring inner peace.

Saturday 22nd, 9:30-11 am
California City, CA
Whole Fitness



Weekend Event in California Wine Country
Santa Ynez area, CA
More info TBA



Shoulder Stability & Forearm Freedom

As climbers, we use our hands, arms and pull muscles constantly. This creates imbalance and strain in the upper body, with some muscles locked tight and overworked, while others are too lax or long. In this workshop, we’ll practice techniques to restore balance, creating overall stability and improved alignment. We’ll cover simple, easy-to-follow techniques for ways to de-pump the forearms and recover both at the crag, and at home. No yoga experience required to attend, and class is open to all ability levels.

Thursday 4th, 7-8:30 pm
Knoxville, TN
Onsight Rock Gym


Find it on iTunes here. Or through this site, where there’s more information about what’s in each class here.