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Hi, I’m Paisley!

Most people’s first question is, “What style of yoga do you teach?” Generically, my answer is ‘Hatha’ which implies classes that are a slower pace and alignment-driven vs. vinyasa flow. (If you want to know my certificates/training scroll to the bottom).

The longer answer is, I teach purpose-driven yoga, not pose-driven, with roots in both Iyengar and Anusara yoga. Postures are important, but without substance and application to daily life, they fall flat of meaning, inner connection and the sense of peace that yoga and mindfulness practices offer.

My teaching combines anatomy, alignment, slow flow, held postures, breath, meditation and intelligent sequencing that makes yoga accessible to all ability and age levels (really, everyone is welcome!!). There is always room for a touch of humor and lots of space to de-stress and become more quiet within.

Nature has always been where I feel most free, happy and at home. Though I was born and raised near the beaches of San Diego, the mountains will always have my heart. I began rock climbing in the early 90’s while attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

Today, my husband, Aaron, and I spend much of our free time climbing. While the physical act of rock climbing has come easily to me, mentally it is often a struggle, and it is one of the places I consistently practice working with stress rather than avoiding it.

My own journey with stress, anxiety, anger and trauma has included many tools: EMDR and talk therapy, expressive art therapy, mindfulness techniques, tens of thousands of hours on my yoga mat, polyvagal theory, deep self-study, radical self-honesty and always an inclusion of the somatic, or body and movement side of things. I mention it to let you know I get it, it informs my teaching and you are not alone.

Other things I love are dark chocolate, chocolate frosted raised donuts (never cake!), croissants, strong, black coffee, meaningful conversations, painting, knitting, gardening, baking desserts and sourdough bread, continuing to learn and grow personally, and loving on all kinds of dogs, especially our mutt Lizzie and those we foster for Marley’s Mutts.

I geek out on Neuroscience, specifically how the body-brain connection works in response to emotion and trauma. Check out The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk if you do too!

Teaching History

I have been teaching full time since 2000 and before that was a Pilates teacher from 1996-2000. I have over 10,000 hours experience in the mind-body field. I have taught for businesses (GE Wind, Scaled Composites, Hell’s Backbone Grill), at yoga festivals (Sedona, Mammoth, Flash Foxy), led teacher trainings and workshops in several states and internationally. What always keeps me inspired and motivated through it all is the dedication and commitment of you, the students, to your own awakening, healing and growth.

Training & Certificates

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