Three Powerful Restorative Yoga Poses To Combat Stress & Fatigue

There is a reason it’s called a ‘restorative’ practice. These yoga poses, with the use of props, offer the opportunity to rest, relax and receive the benefit of the practice without having to do much or any effort.

Instead of being about muscular engagement or breaking a sweat, restorative yoga is about slowing down and letting the poses work on you. The real effort comes in learning to let go and be still instead of in ‘doing’ something.

Here are three restorative yoga poses that are excellent at combatting stress and fatigue. You can practice any of them on their own, or in the order listed. Once you are settled into them try to hold still.

Supported Seated Forward Fold :: Salamba Paschimottanasana

  • Sit with your hips elevated on a pillow or folded blanket.
  • Stretch your legs out with feet hip-width and parallel.
  • Place a folded blanket, bolster or pillow atop your shins.
  • Rest your forehead on the blanket with your arms draped over and supported on it; loosely hold your feet. (Note: If this is not high enough for you, rest your head on the seat of a chair instead.)
  • Hold the posture from 3-5 minutes, readjusting the height of the blanket to raise or lower your head as needed.



Supported Bridge Pose :: Salamba Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

  • Lie on your back on the ground with a yoga block nearby.
  • Bend your knees, lift your hips and place your sacrum on the block (adjust it to low, medium or high depending on your flexibility).
  • Roll your chest open and turn your palms to face up.
  • Relax all your weight into the block and close your eyes.
  • Remain for 3-5 minutes, then lift your hips, remove the block and slowly lower your hips back down to the ground.
  • Rest there for a few breaths, then roll to your side to sit up.



Reclining Bound Angle Pose :: Supda Baddha Konasana

  • Fold a blanket into a long rectangle, or use a stack of firm pillows and place them long-ways, behind you on the ground.
  • Sit in front of them, then lie back with your butt on the ground, but your spine and head on the lift.
  • Bend your knees and join the soles of your feet together.
  • Stay in the pose from 5-20 minutes.
  • Pro tip: Make it more comfy by putting a pillow under each knee and another on top of the blanket, under your head.
  • Roll to your side when you are finished, pause there for a few breaths before sitting back up.