Three Levels Of The Mind + Poses For Legs (All Levels)

To help us understand the complexity of the mind, yoga philosophy has broken it’s functioning down into three different layers. The outermost layer is where reception of sensory input occurs. This is called the manas, or mind. The information is both stored for future reference, then brought to the level of inner wisdom for the process of reflection and discernment. This middle layer is called the buddhi, or the intellect.  Through the process of discernment and engaging with our sense, we are lead to the deepest layer, that of the unique self, or ahamkara.

We play with these intertwined levels of the mind in this yoga practice. Some of the postures are: lunge, downward facing pigeon, forward fold and head-to-knee pose…

Duration: 66 minutes

Level: All

Props: none (block is optional)