3 Ways to Enjoy the Moment (& Stop Feeling Stressed!)

While our senses are fantastic at helping us enjoy the beauty and wonder of life, they’re also constantly in competition for our attention. Our eyes are bombarded with lights, colors and words. Our ears constantly hear cars, music and voices. We smell diesel fumes, food frying and perfume. Our skin filters pollutants and absorbs the rays of the sun. Our tastebuds go from salty to sour to sweet, all in the course of a meal.

And, if your sensitive sixth sense is awake, other information you may not even understand is downloading all the time. The feeling of all of this can be overwhelming! When we’re busy, or not paying attention, we may not realize how over-stimulated we actually are.


Stop and smell the flowers.

It would seem logical that we would want to shut our senses off. But that actually makes it worse! Instead of learning to work with the stimulation, shutting off is an avoidance strategy.

It’s counter-intuitive, but what works better is to bring our awareness fully into the present moment and focus it. There is great relief in being able to focus rather than be pulled apart in a multitude of directions by our senses.

Here are three ways to bring our awareness to the present moment, ease over-stimulation, get focused and release feelings of stress.

Practice anywhere!

Practice anywhere!

1. Learn to Savor

Enjoy ONE thing to the fullest of your potential. Feel it. Taste it. Smell it. See its beauty. Focus all of your senses on only one thing at a time. Don’t try to block out other things, just focus on one.

2. Meditate

Close your eyes and look within. Listen to the sound of your breath. Feel your clothes against your skin. Direct all of your awareness to the Now. Refuel your tank through your inner connections.

3. Relax Your Jaw

Get your tongue off the roof of your mouth so it can be plump and soft. Let your top and bottom teeth separate just a little. Relax the muscles at the back of your neck. These are signs you are resisting the moment —trying to shut it all out will only stress you out more.