Yoga Class: The Light Body & Pigeon Pose

Underneath the physical form of any yoga asana is the energetic form of the prana body. When we line up just right, we bring the outer form and the inner/prana body (the pranamaya kosha) together. Our vitality and inner light increases, the breath can permeate more deeply and we feel more whole. This yoga practice is geared towards the enhancement of and alignment with the inner, light body through backbends, culminating in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon Pose).

Duration: 90 minutes

Props: yoga belt, block (or a rolled up blanket)

Level: Intermediate


Special thanks to my sweet hubby, Aaron, for getting up at sunrise and taking this amazing shot of me in the Kelso Sand Dunes.

Amendment: This is a re-post simply to get the class linked to the podcast on iTunes, (that link is available here.) sorry if this is your second time seeing this…