How to Use Props in Shoulder Stand

The basic idea with props in Shoulder Stand is to elevate your shoulders so the angle of bend in your neck is less severe and your shoulders have more freedom. Some people use stiff foam blocks for this purpose, but I prefer blankets.

I love Mexican blankets for yoga. For Sarvangasana, you can use one, two or even four, and I suggest trying out a few options to see how it feels. A couple tips for blanket use:

  1. Make sure the raised section of blankets is large enough and level enough to accommodate your shoulders and upper arms.
  2. Keep all the folded blanket edges stacked neatly in the same direction; it’s both more level and more stable.
  3. Initially, fold each blanket in half length-wise, so you have a long, skinny rectangle, then fold the two fringe edges together to make a shorter rectangle. If you fold it in half once more, folded crease to fringe it should look like the stack in the image.
  4. For the bottom blanket, fold as above, but unfold just one layer as a cushion for your head; the other fold remains as the base layer of your lift.
The Prop Set-Up for Sarvangasana

The Prop Set-Up for Sarvangasana