Ginger Snaps Recipe + Homemade Almond Milk (Bonus: What To Do With The Leftover Almond Meal)

If you’ve ever made your own Almond Milk you know that there’s a bit of a dilemma. After you strain the pulp out of the liquid and squeeze it dry, you just don’t… Continue reading

How To Successfully Move Mountains

Sometimes I climb mountains. This year I summited three peaks over fourteen thousand feet tall, and that was just one day! It’s always an epic adventure, one that requires extensive planning, detailed map reading… Continue reading

Three Unique, Healthy Energy Bars For Athletes (& Hungry People, nom nom!)

If you’re anything like me, you get sick of your bars after a couple seasons. Chomp on the same flavors long enough and you’ll be looking for something new to get you through your… Continue reading

Two Great Yoga Poses For Your Low Back

The reality is any yoga pose will likely help your low back. Of course, refinements to the specific alignment of your low back will increase the efficacy and safety of any yoga pose.… Continue reading

Stretch Break For Work: Standing Sequence

This sequence is your solution to sitting at a desk all day. The entire practice is done standing with feet hips-width or balancing on one leg. There’s one forward bend, but otherwise all poses are… Continue reading

Five Ways To Find Balance & Ease When Life Overwhelms You

1. Pause Sit down, close your eyes. Listen to the sounds around you —better yet, listen to the silence from which all sounds arise. Breathe deeply and evenly for three to five breaths.… Continue reading

Backcountry Healthier Cocoa Recipe

Every time I wax romantic about drinking cocoa around a campfire, I get all the way to the grocery store, read the ingredients on the box, then put it back on the shelf.… Continue reading

Purna: An all levels practice on being present

When we get busy or overwhelmed with a mountain of tasks, it’s very easy for our attention to scatter and to feel fragmented. But wholeness is our natural state. We are full and… Continue reading

Is Feet Together Really The Best Way To Practice Mountain Pose?

The instructions for tadasana are so common, so assumed in yoga class, that they’re often given nonchalantly and glossed over. As in, “You already know this, you do it a million times a… Continue reading

Centering: Shoulderstand & Leg Stretches

In this yoga class learn to find your center and stand in it. Through opening the legs and engaging the feet you’ll get access to the openness and strength needed to walk forward… Continue reading