A Conversation On Loss, Grief & Trauma

For me, yoga was the tool that introduced me to my own stunning inner world. It is a world rich with joy, gratitude and love. But those feelings were eclipsed by the emotion of pain, loss, trauma and grief.

emotionWhen my yoga journey began, these internal sensations were both frightening and confusing; I used to dream of titanic, stormy seas crashing violently on the beach —metaphor for how intense and sensitive my inner landscape was.

But through yoga, I’ve learned to recognize how I metabolize challenging memories. Yoga, particularly the breath and meditation, has also given me tools and resources to face new obstacles as they come.

In this podcast (click this link to listen), I join author and fellow yoga teacher Monique Minahan with our host, Mike Blasi, for an educational and informative talk on how trauma effects the mind-body relationship.

Have a listen as we explore some of the tools yoga has to offer for living a more present life. We also discuss other somatic-based modalities, such as the EMDR technique I’ve been using with my therapist for the last year and a half.