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Resiliency For The Modern Yogi

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The Yoga of Emotion

Date TBA

— giving permission to feel, cultivating positive emotions, the neuroscience of emotions and neuroplasticity, changing reactivity and emotional load, understanding the role of emotion from the perspective of yoga philosophy
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Understanding Your Nervous System —from the polyvagal perspective

This course was so well received I am running it again in the near future. Date TBA, contact me if you are interested!

The polyvagal theory is a relatively new approach to understanding the autonomic nervous system, which names a third response to our environment by identifying social connection, in addition to fight-flight and freeze.

Understanding in our own biology where we sit on this hierarchy of responses helps us navigate our internal and external environments and build resilience and self compassion. This technique can calm and center us, restore us to a regulated existence that is alive with presence, able to trust and feel more safe in ourselves and in the world.

This class will be part lecture (accompanied by slideshow, see two sample slides below), with your choice of self-reflection or journal prompts, and part movement, meditation and breath. The movement is slow and mindful, working with the nervous system as somatic application of the material learned, not a traditional yoga practice or a fast paced one. Class will take place live on Zoom, and be recorded and available to watch for one calendar year afterwards.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund available until 11:59 PM (PST) one week prior to the event, after which you will be charged a $20 service fee. Cancellations within 24 hours of the workshop start time will not be refunded.

Coming Later This Year

Connective Tissue Basics

—what holds us together; patterns, structure, springiness, re-pattern and release