What Do Shoulders, Core Strength & Hands In Prayer Have In Common?

Shoulders, core and namaskar hands? The obvious link is that all are accessed in your yoga practice.

But less obvious? These are the topics that interested you, the reader, most in 2015.

It seems that some of you want to ensure your alignment and safety in yoga, while others are in it for fitness. Maybe we are all just trying to straddle both?!

The reports are in and here are your top five, favorite reads from 2015:

5. The Safe Way To Forward Fold In Yoga
When you lose this curve, called lordosis, it’s dangerous. The discs, which act as cushions and spacers between the bones of the spine, are more prone to slip, rupture or pinch a nerve.


4. Hands In Prayer Pose: Why Does Yoga Teach It?

The gesture of hands in prayer pose is called Anjali Mudra in sanskrit. Mudra implies hand position, or gesture. Anjali means Grace.

Anjali Mudra

3. How To Warm Up For A Challenging Yoga Pose

In the jargon of yoga teachers this is called a “pinnacle pose.” As we guide you through your practice, we keep this pose in mind and prepare you for it so you have the best chance of success when we get there.

Ardha Chandra Chapasana :: Bishop, CA

2. Yoga To Strengthen Your Core

These are intense and not easy, and they will definitely NOT be a waste of time. My suggestion is to work them into your already-existing yoga practice. Then you will have abs tucked neatly into your routine without having to add yet one more thing to your to-do list.

Ardha Navasana :: Half Boat Pose


And the most read article of 2015:

1. One Pose Does It All For Your Shoulders

Most of us have a slightly rounded upper back, an anterior head position, shoulders that roll forward, and a collapse of the lift in the chest.