Meditation for Compassion

I opened my e-mail today to find a note of constructive criticism from a studio where I recently taught. The message was very kind, well-written, sent with love and actually quite accurate. Instead of closing down and beating myself up about the experience, I’m doing my best to be compassionate with myself. It’s a challenge to do so, because despite my attempts to make peace with the habit, I’m still a recovering perfectionist. It seems it’s a fine line between having high standards that motivate me to do my best and simply trying too hard to please everyone.

As I’m practicing self-compassion I remind myself that I’m only human and this feedback is helping me see myself and my current situation more clearly. It has served, already, to make me a better teacher.

Hopefully this meditation will help you be compassionate with yourself in whatever you’re moving through today and let down the boundaries that are keeping you stuck in old patterns that no longer serve you.

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