6 Ways to Sit Less & Move More

Sitting is the new smoking. It’s something we may have thought wasn’t such a big deal, until we saw the repercussions. And it’s killing us.

Chronic low back and neck strain and higher-than-ever rates of obesity are just two reasons we need more movement and less sitting in our day.

Here are six ways to get started:

Take Your Meetings On a Walk

Go for a walk…

Go for a walk…

This is a concept that several of my friends use, but was brought to my attention by a short TED talk. Not everyone will be able to leave the office to go for a walk. Nor is the weather always conducive to mobile meetings. But, if you and your colleague can get away and the weather is good enough, consider having your next meeting as you walk. The fresh air will help clear your mind and, perhaps, bring more creativity to the conversation. Set a location and the amount of time you both have to work with and then see where it leads you.

Set a Timer

There are days where hours fly by while I sit and write. To make sure I get up regularly and move around I often set a timer. Forty-five minutes is the maximum time I allot for one sitting. I try to stand or move around for fifteen minutes before getting back in a chair. It’s easy, when you’re in the flow to want to keep writing. While I don’t want to disrupt that, I’ve found that staying true to my timer actually refreshes my mind and I always return with more clarity.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water


Drinking plenty of water is not only good for you, it makes you pee a lot. While this may make your co-workers curious about how much time you’re spending in the loo, it will get you up from your desk with more reliability than just about anything. When you have to go, you have to go.


It may not be the most focused way to get work done, but I’m a fan of multi-tasking. Before you sit down at the home computer, start a load of wash. When it’s done, get up and put your clothes in the dryer. Or, hang them on a line; it gets you up longer, and is more eco-friendly. Other good tasks you can do at home might be: preparing food, doing a set of crunches, a couple stretches or mopping the floor in sections.

Do Tasks Standing

Not everything you do in your office has to be done while sitting. With hands-free headsets and bluetooth devices, you can pace, or gently stretch while talking on the phone. Research, reading and brainstorming for a few minutes at a time can also be done while standing and are great ways to sit less.

Park with Purpose

When you park your car, find a spot that requires you to walk a little farther to get to your destination. If you don’t have the option of a large parking lot, see if you can find the scenic way to get from your vehicle to the building, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Consider, also, taking public transportation to work. If there’s a stop nearby your home or office it would be a great way to get a few blocks walk into your routine.