All Levels Yoga For Shoulders, Twists + Developing Inner Body Awareness

One of yoga’s highest goals is to unite us with the more subtle, deeper aspects of ourselves. This union connects all the different layers of our being, called the koshas. In asana, we begin with connecting to the physical body, or annamaya kosha. Over time, and as we become more intimate with our breath, we move from the gross to the subtle, connecting to the energetic presence within —the pranamaya kosha. In this class, we practice letting go of clenching and resistance, so we can line up with our inner body in a way that is more harmonious, relieves stress and illuminates the wise presence within.

Level: Level one-two postures, with specific attention to the inner body, which is often more challenging to feel for beginners.

Duration: 70 minutes

Props: 1 yoga block