Emerging in Wholeness: A Yoga Flow For Shoulders & Spaciousness (Advanced Beginner + Up)

So often when we have felt stressed, overwhelmed or traumatized, we retreat into our inner world, building behavior that protects rather than allowing us to engage openly in the world. While retreat and rest are vital to a balanced life, if it becomes a means of hiding, it can leave us exhausted and lonely.

In this practice we focus on building space from the inside out, so there is room to emerge in wholeness. We pay special attention to the shoulders in this yoga flow — building the vinyasa in intensity and speed — to burn away the urge to hide, while replacing it with lightness, space and inner strength.

Level: Advanced beginner and up

Duration: 75 minutes

Props: one yoga block


Crescent lunge with cactus arms: Red Rocks, NV