Yoga For Fear, Anxiety, the Low Back & the Breath

As a rock climber, my sport isn’t just about physical exertion. There’s a whole lot of mental effort that goes into being on the edge and facing the fear of falling that can bring up anxiety and fatigue. It is not unlike haw frazzled you can get from a too-busy schedule or from facing the emotion of difficult and unavoidable life circumstances.

This yoga practice is long and slow, providing a sense of spaciousness for you to unravel the held breath, the tight muscles, especially around the low back, the furrowed brow and all the other places that may be constricted. Work in the pelvis and with the breath will help release anxiety and find a centered calm so you can nourish yourself and come back to a sense of wholeness and freedom.

Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Level: All

Props: blanket, belt, two blocks, a foam roller or your yoga mat rolled up and wrapped in a towel or blanket