Motivation & Inspiration

When my yoga practice becomes routine, I lose motivation to get to my mat. Even when I enjoy the familiarity of poses I know and regularly practice, it’s keeping me from growth. Here are three ways to help you stay inspired and motivated to keep practicing.

1. Remain Curious

To build intrigue and interest, we have to engage our minds in new and different ways. If we can remain curious, we might be able to try a new pose, variation or sequences we never have before. For inspiration, go on Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest and search for yoga pictures that blow your mind.

half moon_no hands

Trying a new variation of Half Moon in the covered bridge at Jay, NY

2. Go Somewhere New

If you always practice at a studio, try practicing at home, or outside in nature. A new setting will jostle your mind and bring something fresh to your experience. If you aren’t comfortable sequencing your own yoga practice and feel like you don’t know what to do, then this is exactly what you need to do! If you still aren’t ready, try a different teacher or a new studio. It isn’t a life sentence, just go check out a new place for a change…

3. Be Present

When we can’t make a change in our routines or go somewhere new, our best option will be to heighten our awareness. We need to look at things from a new angle. Literally, we could practice in front of a mirror and see ourselves anew. Alternatively, we could focus on only one body part for an entire practice. My favorite: relaxing my tongue in every pose. Try it, I swear it will bring you new insight!