Your Most Mindful Yoga Practice Yet


Soft eyes make it easier to relax and be mindful.

Mindfulness is a practice intended to help us bring our awareness to the present moment. The deeper aspects are about accepting, not resisting or trying to control, what’s happening in the moment.

Generally speaking, we resist when something we don’t like is happening. That can be anything from how we’re feeling to how someone else is acting, to the weather. But resistance to the moment always creates suffering.

In your next yoga practice there’s one thing you can do to help you be more present and accepting of the moment —relax your senses.

Our senses get heightened when we feel stressed, overwhelmed or afraid and so we tense them. Eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin harden in preparation for “fight or flight.”

To ease this stress and be more mindful try this simple (but not easy!) exercise in your next practice.

  • Pick one of your senses
  • Soften and relax the sense organ related to it (my favorite is my tongue!)
  • Throughout your entire practice, continually check in and relax that area of your body in every posture.