Improve Your Side Plank

Side Plank, or Vasisthasana in Sanskrit, is a great pose to build both strength and flexibility. When done in good alignment, it’s actually therapeutic for the shoulder that bears weight. Balancing in this pose, whether you hold your top foot or not, feels empowering! Here are a few tips to help you nail it the next time you practice.

All About Your Wrist

To ease wrist pain move your hand forward. Notice in the photo (below) my hand isn’t directly under my shoulder, but forward under my head. This decreases the angle on your wrist and widens the base of your pose, whisch makes your foundation more stable.

An additional note: Keep the inner edge of your hand down, especially where your index finger meets your palm. Press into the floor with your fingertips to tone the muscles around your wrist and give it more support.

Your Bottom Shoulder

The most common misalignment I see in this pose is the bottom shoulder popping forward. To avoid this risk, press your shoulder back firmly, until you feel the muscles of your upper back working.

When you’re in the pose, rotate the crease of your bottom elbow forward. Carry this movement all the way up to your shoulder joint for the best results.

The Foot on the Ground

Your bottom foot is one of the keys to the pose and how you work it helps you gather power in your legs. Lift your hips really high and press the sole of your foot down. You should be nearly standing on the sole of your foot. Trust me, it works!