Finding Balance & Flow During Change: Yoga Practice For Advanced Beginners and Up

Two days after the presidential election here in the US, we find ourselves in a state of radical change. Though change is something we all wanted, how we each envision arriving there is radically different.

Many people are relieved that Trump won the electoral vote, while others are devastated that Hillary won the popular vote but will not become the first Madame President.

I urge you not to turn away. No matter which side of the fence you stand on, and no matter how tired you are, I urge you to stay and fight for the change in which you believe.

Staying balanced while we shift may be the most challenging way to “go high.” This place of being centered is a moving target, changing minute by minute. When we find this midline, however, is when we step into the place of deeper opening, deeper understanding. This is where lasting change can occur…

In this practice we move through a variety of standing poses and a few arm balances to the rhythm of the breath. We do our best to remain present and centered through the flow of change and the asymmetry that, like a mirror, can show us our imbalances.