3 Simple Ways to Be Mindful Everyday

We seekers want to stay present and alive in the moment, but life has a way of pulling us out of that center. Here are three things we can do to get back to the Now.

Stay Present When You Drive

Put your phone, purse, makeup, toothbrush, electric shaver — or whatever else you multi-task with while you’re driving — in the trunk. It’s really that simple. If it isn’t with you, you can’t get distracted, and the road will be a safer place because of it. Sure, sometimes you need the map from your smartphone for directions, but not every time you get in the car. Try it and see if you can actually remember the drive, instead of arriving at your destination and wondering how you got there!

Paisley’s niece, Emma, with one of her favorite foods: Nutella.

Paisley’s niece, Emma, with one of her favorite foods: Nutella.

Enjoy Your Food

Next time you sit down for a meal, notice how often you turn your attention to something other than the food and the enjoyment of eating. When you distract yourself at the table, it can make you eat faster, which can cause heartburn, overeating and weight gain. Instead of reading a book, checking facebook or sending out a tweet about what you’re eating, how ‘bout just eating? Make your next meal a mindful one by chewing slowly, until your food is liquid. Savor every subtle nuance and flavor and, in the process, teach your self to enjoy the moment instead of rushing through it.

Breathe Deeply

When life gets hectic the result is often tension in your body and short, shallow breathing. You become impatient, reactive and sometimes just downright mean as a result. This keeps you from being mindful and meeting the present moment (and whoever is in it with you) with an open heart. Take the time to breathe and to breathe deeply. This helps your body and mind relax so you can be more compassionate, courageous and able to meet whatever circumstances arise, as well as the people in them with you. One of my favorite places to take a few deep breaths is in moments of transition, for example, when you arrive at or come home from work. Before you go inside, pause, either outside in a quiet area, or in your parked car, and take five slow, deep breaths. Your significant other and your co-workers will notice the change, and you will, too.