Save the Earth (and money!) at the Coffee Shop

Where I live, out at the edge of town, there is only satellite internet. It’s near as slow as dial-up during high-traffic hours, and sometimes it just plain doesn’t work. When that happens I’m forced to go to a wifi business, like Starbucks, to work. (Our library doesn’t even have it!)

At the coffee shop, I see everyone drinking out of paper and plastic cups, which will end up in the recycle bin or —gasp, the landfill. There’s a simple way we can make a difference, take care of the Earth and save a little money.

Bring your own cup.

I know, sometimes you’re on the road or leave home and forget your favorite travel mug. Though the protocol at most coffee shops is for the barista to give you a paper or plastic cup, most of them have ceramic and glass dish ware. All you have to do is ask. Using a real mug, just like at the grocery store with your re-usable bag, will get you a credit. (At Starbucks, it’s .10¢)

I prefer the feel of a real mug or glass to paper, it makes me happy to create less trash and save a little money, too.