Beaded Jewelry + Art

Each collection I create will be inspired by a place, a feeling or a way of being. My goal is to use these creations to transport you to a location, remind you of a part of yourself you lost touch with, or cultivate a new energy (like fulfilled and content) in your life.

Currently available is the ✨Under The Milky Way✨ Collection. Colors inspired by the images you see here. The feeling tones evoked are listed below, so keep reading!

The dark night sky encourages introspection. This collection assists in reconnecting with our innocent but wise inner child, the one who still believes in magic. Full of wonder awe and receptivity.

There is a calm quiet that exists under the Milky Way, where we look up with our eyes soft but wide open. We listen. To messages and signs and to our own inner voice.

✨Under The Milky Way✨ Collection encourages:

  • peaceful, quiet, centered, calm energy
  • open to possibility, intuition, wisdom
  • soul connection, child-like awe and wonder
  • ability to trust (say yes) and to hold boundaries (say no)

Please check my social (@paisleyanne.creative) to stay up to date. But sneak peak a few items right here!